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TENNO SUSHI RICE / 御皇壽司米 - 2kg
TENNO SUSHI RICE / 御皇壽司米 - 2kg
TENNO SUSHI RICE / 御皇壽司米 - 2kg

TENNO SUSHI RICE / 御皇壽司米 - 2kg

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御皇壽司米 - 2kg

Tenno Sushi Rice is grown in Hualien County on the east side of Taiwan island. The cultivating method remains unchanged since over 100 years ago and is irrigated by natural unpolluted water from the Xiuguluan Creek. 

Tenno Sushi Rice is a Kaohsiung No. 139 grain that is often called the ugly duckling.  Its fat and short body is light in the aroma but burst with flavor.  Its beauty cannot be understood until it is cooked and served.  This specific crop is the number one choice of sushi chefs in Japan and Taiwan.  It is so good that the Japanese export these back to Japan to serve nothing but the best. 


米食評比  /  EVALUATION 

Q    度  /  SOFTNESS  :★★★★★

香    氣  /  AROMA  :★★★★☆

黏    度  /  VISCOSITY  :★★★☆☆

顆粒度  /  GRAININESS  :★★★★★

【食用口感 / TASTE】


After cooked, the sushi rice will fill the room with a light yet hearty aroma.  The rice has a soft texture but not too soft and full grain taste.  The light viscosity character makes it perfect for sushi as the flavor and rice comes apart and burst with flavours in your mouth. 

【米食小百科 / RICE-PEDIA】


Sushi Rice (Kaohsiung No. 139) is cultivated at the upper stream of Xiuguluan Creek.  Its water source is the Yonfong Waterfall in Fuli Township.  Due to its geological location and properties, the entire area is free from industrial contaminations and the air quality is among top global standards. 


Appearance: Full round body, high clarity, short-grain type. 



Packed in 2kg, it has a storage life of 180 days at room temperature. 


Please keep refrigerated after opening the vacuum seal package.  The rice will keep fresh for 6 months after opening. 


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