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Top 5 Fried Rice in Asia! 亞洲五大炒飯!

No. 5 - Pineapple Fried Rice / 鳳梨炒飯

Pineapple Fried Rice


Pineapple fried rice, pineapple fried rice a popular Asian fried rice dish that uses diced pineapple and stir fry with rice, ham, egg, and fresh vegetables in a hot oiled wok.  It is served in a pineapple shell for a beautiful presentation. The rice has the characteristics of sweet and sour taste and rich nutrition, and is especially suitable for children to eat.


No. 4 - Ying Yang Fried Rice / 鴛鴦炒飯

Yin Yang Fried Rice

鴛鴦炒飯是香港茶餐廳和酒樓的經典炒飯,在蛋炒飯上淋上兩種不同的醬汁。有紅色的蕃茄汁和白色的白醬。一面酸酸甜甜,一面奶香濃郁, 非常開胃又飽足。

Yin yang fried rice is a traditional dish originating from Hong Kong. It usually consists of a plate of fried rice that's accompanied by chicken, ketchup sauce, and onions (the red side) and shrimp, peas, and egg whites (the white side). The dish is named after the unlikely pairing of these two toppings that go over the rice, and due to the meaning, yin yang fried rice is often a staple at weddings or similar festive occasions.



No. 3 - Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice / 鹹魚雞粒炒飯

Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice



For many Chinese and Asian descendants in North America, Cantonese chicken and salted fish fried rice dish is an absolute no-brainer. It is packed with a abundance of flavor and texture dancing all together in your mouth. When it’s on the menu, you must have it, no matter whom you’re eating with! 


No.2 - Yangzhou Fried Rice / 揚州炒飯

Yangzhou Fried Rice



Yangzhou is unique with a sophisticated technique: the egg liquid is poured into the oil in a silky shape, and it has a meat floss-like taste.  Green onions are the soul of Yangzhou fried rice. During the entire cooking process, green onions are added three times: the first is called stuffed green onions to make the oil fragrant; the second is to put green onions when the rice is put to make the rice fragrant; the last time is half-raw green onions, 

The Yangzhou fried rice is full of aroma and tastes wonderful. The ingredients of Yangzhou fried rice are abundant. If the ingredients are abundant at hand, ham, barbecued pork, diced chicken, shrimp, sea cucumber, green beans, corn, all collide together to create a unique tasting experience. 


No.1 - Golden Fried Rice / 黃金蛋炒飯

Golden Fried Rice


Golden fried rice with eggs is a very homely dish. It seems simple but one of the top chef’s hardest dishes.  Egg fried rice, nicknamed gold wrapped silver, gold fried rice, gold inlaid with white jade, and its color and shape are clearly on the paper.



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